Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Faith and Car Sales

To say that a lot has happened since my last blog post 19 months ago is certainly an understatement. Lack of time has been the main culprit, so even as I punch on these keys I wonder how long, if at all, I will sustain this endeavor.

That said, this first post will simply be a brief introduction to a thought that has been with me for more than a year. That is that it takes faith to sell cars for any sustained period. As an all-commissioned job, and one in which most crash and burn, one has to have some type of faith, even if it is in his or her own abilities and/or that of the dealership or brand, management, etc.

This new blog will explore my experiences past, present, and future in those areas, but will also explore how this job has affected me spiritually. There will be highlights and low-lights for sure.

Perhaps we can laugh, cry, live, and love together here.

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